Report from the 8th Emergency medicine course

Report from the 8th Emergency medicine course

A keen medical student dressed up as a fireman is trying to carefully extricate an injured person from crashed car while using a Jaws of Live …

15. 4. 2018 ... meet at AKUTNE.CZ

Online report from IX. AKUTNĚ.CZ conference

Can you even imagine the month of November without the traditional AKUTNĚ.CZ conference? No? Well, that probably means you're one of the 1400 people who registered and are planning on spending a chilly November saturday in the company of the most important representatives of Anaesthesiology and Intensive care to work on your profesional and scientific growth.

Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar - Anesthesiology

It is a wonderful June and Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar of Anesthesiology, as the name suggests, starts in Salzburg, the city of music, the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. A week full of news in anesthesiological praxis, innovations in technology, new discoveries in pharmacology of anesthetics and current issues in quality and safety in anesthesia begins. 

New e-book available online: First Aid

We are happy to bring you brand new e-learning material focused on First Aid.

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