31 st Annual Congress of the European Society of Intevsive Care Medicine

27. 10. 2018 Next year- Berlin!

The 31 st  Annual Congress of the European Society of Intevsive Care Medicine was held close to the Arch of Victory, in the heart of Paris from  20 th to 24 th of October 2018.

The splendid organization took care and satisfied  over 6124 participants, who could select every day from special programmes in 10 parallel lecture halls.


Keywords: ESICM, Paris, congress, intensive

Dominant attention was targeted again at the problematics of cardiovascular system diseases and their monitoring, questions related to the diagnosis and therapy of sepsis. If the participant  did not want to gain new information in this traditional way; it would be possible to fullfill oneself at the poster presentations or participare actively in many available discussions about various intensive care topics. In the foreground of these symposia, there was a chance to participare in more than 20 rigorously prepared minisimualations centers. During one of the simulation we were able to successfully insert the cannula and connect our "patient" on VV ECMO.

On the area of 1600 sqm, we could try out new devices from more than 79 presenting companies. Traditionally, the devices used for alternative airway management and invasive accesses allured the greatest attention.

The president of congress mentionted the fact, that nowadays, the active participation of young doctors and women, working in intensive care, increases rapidly. We can expect this trend to continue also next year in Berlin, which is a host city for the next ESICM congress.