Diabetes mellitus

The Diabetes mellitus algorithm describes step-by-step prehospital and subsequently hospital process of treatment of the hyperglycaemic coma. The algorithm is processed in the prehospital phase from the perspective of a non-medical professional and a medical professional at the scene of an incident to make sure to emphasize basic life functions.

hypo/hyperglycemic coma
Published at: 31.12.2012


Michal Okáč, MD
Emergency Medical Service of South Moravia and Multidisciplinary ICU Ivančice, Czech Republic

Diabetes Melittus is a disease suffered by 4% of the population. Incidence of hyperglycaemic coma is estimated around 10 cases for 1000 diabetics per one year.
Algorithm focuse your attention on consciousness impairment due to hyperglycemia, which is treated very comprehensively. It describes step-by-step procedures in prehospital and subsequently in the hospital phase of hyperglycaemic coma treatment. The algorithm is processed in the prehospital phase, both from the perspective of a layman, and from the perspective of a medic present at the scene of an incident to placing the emphasis on the provision of basic life functions and an effort to highlight some neglected consequences.


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