Analgesia in a GP practice

Sufficient analgesia in the practitioners´ ambulance is often underestimated part of daily routine in patients care. We can often see underdosing of analgesics due to fear of overdose or addiction to opioids.Therefore, we present here the algorithm with a possible therapeutic procedure for chronic hip pain.


pain intensity (VAS)
Published at: 23.12.2011


Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Gabrhelík, MD, PhD
Head of Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Regional Hospital of Tomáš Baťa, Zlín, Czech Republic

Interactive educational algorithm „Analgesia in private practise“ is an excellent example of a perfectly managed modern treatment of common algic syndromes in practitioners´ambulance. The team of authors presents a real model situation, which will contribute to the teaching of pain more than just studying books. Both questions and answers represents the typical decision-making situations, where every good doctor who means the pain treatment seriously was. Precisely processed incorrect answers represent the most common mistakes and wrong decisions in the first line pain management. I really want to say “Finally!”. The only mistake of presented algorithm is that it is still only one.


KUNA, Pavel. Problematika léčby bolesti v ordinaci praktického lékaře. Medica revue. 1995, 2(5), 30-32. ISSN 1210-9673.

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