22 nd Colours of Sepsis

22 nd Colours of Sepsis

1. 3. 2020

For the twenty-second time, those being cought in the mysteries intensive medicine, have gathered in the heart of North Moravia region. The halls of the Clarion Congress Hotel in Ostrava resonate with the strongest themes in the field. You can soak up this great atmosphere through an online reportage, live broadcast from the main hall or short interviews with selected speakers. Watch the Colors of Sepsis 2020 Intensive Medicine Festival with AKUTNĚ.CZ!

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This year, the AKUTNĚ.CZ report team was also at the center of the 22nd intensive medicine conference Colors of Sepsis. During this five days conference the halls of the Clarion Congress Hotel in Ostrava resonated with the strongest subjects in the field, which were presented by our national as well as foreign experts. The lectures were held in two main halls and you can soak up this great atmosphere with an online reportage, live streaming from the main hall or short interviews with selected speakers.

On Tuesday the listeners could look forward to topics related to metabolic resuscitation, sepsis, antibiotics, nutritional support news for critically ill patients and many others. On the eve of the outbreak of the Colors of Sepsis 2020 main program, the 2nd Young Intensivists Day took place. The morning was dedicated to differential diagnosis and treatment at 3 am. Lecturers had a difficult task to assume the role of a young doctor serving at the ICU and to cope with frequent but diagnostically comprehensive signs and symptoms. The lunch break was followed by the official opening of the 2nd Young Intensivists Day. The last part of the block was devoted to the internal environment of the body, which was followed by lecture “How to set the ventilator in restriction disorder”.

The next day started with an introductory lecture and a panel discussion. After the discussion a wide array of topics were presented by many experts mostly from foreign countries, including “Hot topics in intensive care”. No areas were left uncovered, surgery (after-care) was presented in the spirit of “ERAS - many small steps for great improvements”, afterwards the topics shifted to microbiology with a block of presentations about “Important bacterial agents of nosocomial infections”. In the evening the opening ceremony of this year's Intensive Medicine Festival Colors of Sepsis 2020 took place.

Thursday's morning block of lectures dealt with the issue of advanced basic diseases and especially indications for admission of patients with these diseases to the intensive care unit. The morning program continued under the image of resuscitation and emergency medicine. In the afternoon after lunch break the block focused on emergency medicine under the name “Polytrauma - endocrine reactions of the organism and bone metabolism”. Concurrently in the second hall the topic of pharmacological treatment was touched “Drugs in Intensive Care - What Did You Not Know?”.

On the last day of the congress the introductory lecture of the morning block focused on troponins from the point of view of biochemistry and their position in modern medicine. The program of the final day of the festival of intensive medicine was marked by the traditional workshop AKUTNĚ.CZ entitled “How to not have a difficult day”, which consisted of a theoretical and practical part. The workshop dealt with the issue of airway management and at the end the issue of intraosseous approach was mentioned. All lectures from the workshop are available at AKUTNĚ.CZ website.

And that's all of this annual Congress of Colors of Sepsis, on behalf of AKUTNĚ.CZ we look forward to the conference next year.