NEW interactive algorithms AKUTNĚ.CZ 2021 - vol.3

NEW interactive algorithms AKUTNĚ.CZ 2021 - vol.3

31. 10. 2021 ...see you with algorithms...

Education platform AKUTNĚ.CZ delivers you for the Halloween two last new algorithms, which were created during the academic year 2020/2021. Teams of 35 clinicians and 27 students took part in the creation process, as a part of an Individual Project at Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine and took 9 months. The algorithms were reviewed by the expert in the problematic field.  The creation process was, like everything else, affected by the worldwide pandemic situation. Teams managed perfectly the cooperation, even though the personal contact was limited.  We are very much looking forward to next year and new algorithms-hopefully in a traditional way.


Keywords: virtual patient, interactive algorithm, scenario, serious game

Dive in the algorithms from the clinical practice!

Regional anaesthesia in adults

Ivo Křikava, Marta Juřeníková, Jana Pastoreková, Olha Ihnatenko

Regional anesthesia is progressively preferred method in anesthesiology. It provides patients with many advantages in both pre and postoperative period. One of the prerequisites for practicing regional anesthesia is a good knowledge of the area topography, work with ultrasound image, basic indications and contraindications for the specific nerve blocks and recognizing possible complications. The goal of this algorithm is to guide a participant through possibilities for regional anesthesia of the upper extremity and the dealing with possible complications.

Anaesthesia of patient with orofacial cleft

Michaela Richtrová, Petr Štourač, Jana Šoltysová, Michal Reška

Cleft defects are the most common congenital malformations. The initial discovery is already possible with prenatal screening examination, and its finding is not an indication to terminate the pregnancy. Nowadays, the treatment possibilities allow us to unsure little-to-no handicap in adulthood. Surgical treatment and anaesthesiological approach for these defects have their own specifics. This algorithm will apprise the solver with course of treatment, will navigate the solver through perioperative management of each of the reconstructive procedures and will acquaint them with multidisciplinary approach.

  • HUS
  • Cholangoitis
  • Structured Patient Handoff
    Structured Patient Handoff
  • Intraabdominal infection and acute abdomen
    Intraabdominal infection and acute abdomen
  • Capnography
  • Regional anesthesia in adults
    Regional anesthesia in adults
  • COVID-19 patient in the hospital
    COVID-19 patient in the hospital
  • Neuroinfection
  • Burn in pediatrics
    Burn in pediatrics
  • Psychological preparation of children for surgery
    Psychological preparation of children for surgery
  • Regional anaesthesia in children
    Regional anaesthesia in children
  • Pericardial tamponate
    Pericardial tamponate
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome
    Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Transportation of the pathological newborn
    Transportation of the pathological newborn
  • TURP syndrome
    TURP syndrome
  • Dog bites
    Dog bites