Ot the 7th october there was online published article článek "AKUTNE.CZ algorithms and SEPSIS-Q scenarios as interactive tools for problem based learning sessions in medical education"in MEFANET Journal. This article summarizes the methodological aspects of case reports based learning in acute medicine. It also points out already established tools especially interactive algorithms of AKUTNE.CZ and educational scenarios of SEPSIS-Q for problem based lectures. It shows appropriate implementation of this kind of tool to master and bachelor programs lectures. The last part of the article summarizes the evaluation questionnaires.

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JMIR is the leading peer-reviewed eHealth/mHealth journal (Impact Factor: 4.7), ranked #1 in Medical Informatics, and #2 in Health Sciences/Health Services Research. The latest issue contains article Interactive Algorithms for Teaching and Learning Acute Medicine in the Network of Medical Faculties MEFANET from the team of authors of AKUTNE.CZ (D. Schwarz, P. Štourač, M. Komenda, et al.), where you can  learn about what it is worth preparing interactive algorithms and clinical scenarios.

16. 7. 2013

New thrilling emergency situations brought to real by our interactive algorithms - let´s try to fight for your patient´s life!

1. 6. 2013

Portal AKUTNE.CZ, which is the media partner of the international conference named Imaging and Management of Whole Body Trauma, brings you video recordings and PDF of presented English lectures.

The conference took place in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, on 3rd May 2013.

7. 5. 2013

The live broadcast of the international conference "Imaging and Management of Whole Body Trauma"


   We invite you to watch the live broadcast of the international conference "Imaging and Management of Whole Body Trauma", which takes place on 3 May 2013 in the conference room at the Holiday Inn in Brno. The conference was organized by the Department of Radiology Medical University and University Hospital Brno. AKUTNE.CZ Portal is a media partner of this conference.
    The conference is designed for senior medical radiology and trauma centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our goal is to organize a scientific conference, but also a friendly meeting where information about new developments and trends will be discussed not only in the technical sections, but also in the form of panel discussions, which will contribute significantly to obtain an overview and orientation in interdisciplinary collaboration.
  Current program of the conference can be found on the conference website.
   Live broadcast convention events here ...

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CESNET provides the on-line streaming of selected surgeries for the Ophthalmology Festival in Zlin organised on March 15th 2013 by the Gemini Eye Clinic in Zlín, the first telemedicine event for this year.

They will stream five on-line live-surgeries from ZOF2013 - Zlin Ophthalmology Festival 15.3.2013 via web page

To get into this page you need following access rights:
user: ofz
pwd: eyeSurgery

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Latest research in acute medicine.

28. 2. 2013

Portal AKUTNE.CZ, which is the media partner of the 15th Postgraduate Course on Sepsis and MODS, brings you selected video recordings of presented English lectures.

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The English version of multimedia resources has been created on AKUTNE.CZ. Central venous line placement and radial artery cannulation are the first two topics translated from the original Czech version.

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Latest research in acute medicine.

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