To light your rainy days of summer holiday  AKUTNE.CZ team brings you 8 new algorithms dedicated to, among other topics obstetric anesthesia, acute treatment in pulmonology, newborn resuscitation, airway management and other acute conditions.

As traditionally, the algorithms were created right at the beginning before the publication in  bilingual version (Czech/English) and were peer reviewed.

We wish you the most satisfied patients not only in the algorithms AKUTNE.CZ!

2. 7. 2014

Euroanaesthesia took place at Stockholm, Sweden for this year. You could have met there the best of the european and even world most known specialists in anaesthesia. In addition to the invited lectures and presentations of all the comittees of the ESA in the course of three days were also presented over a thousand abstracts as posters of latest research in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain and emergency medicine, including also 6 representatives of the Czech Republic.

Euroanaesthesia 2014 comprised of 6 pre-congress courses, 23 refresher courses, 68 symposia, 4 workshops, 3 interactive sessions, 11 lectures, 2 meet the expert sessions, 12 pro-con debates, 2 postgraduate courses as well as several guest sessions and specialist society meetings.

3. 6. 2014 ... let's meet at Berlin - ESA 2015 ...

MEFANET Journal, [ISSN 1805-917], vol. 1, is. 2.

AKUTNE.CZ algorithms and SEPSIS-Q scenarios as interactive tools for problem based learning sessions in medical education

p. 61–73 

Petr Štourač, Hana Harazim, Daniel Schwarz, Ivo Křikava, Martin Komenda, Roman Štoudek, Olga Smékalová, Martina Kosinová, Richard Hůlek, Jan Maláska, Radim Šustr, Ivo Šnábl, Ladislav Dušek, Roman Gál


This article summarizes the methodological aspects of case reports based learning in acute medicine. It also points out already established tools especially interactive algorithms of AKUTNE.CZ and educational scenarios of SEPSIS-Q for problem based lectures. It shows appropriate implementation of this kind of tool to master and bachelor programs lectures. The last part of the article summarizes the evaluation questionnaires.

5th AKUTNE.CZ Congress

p. 82–84 

Petr Štourač, Martina Kosinová, Hana Harazim, Olga Smékalová, Roman Gál


The article about the 5th AKUTNE.CZ Congress which took place in Brno on the 16th November 2013.

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