Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Ivo Křikava, MD, PhD

Ivo Křikava, MD, PhD

Originator of web portal AKUTNE.CZ

Guarantee of discussion forum

Chief Physician of Pain Management Department, University Hospoital Brno, Brno, Czech Republic


Review of algorithm Electrical injury

The presented algorithm is concise, well-arranged and clearly covers issues of first aid for electric shock injury. It takes in account a safety of rescuer, mentions Basic Life Support and creates continuity to other algorithms of cardiopulmonal resuscitation. Furthermore, the algorithm deals with problems of burns and their initial treatment.
The issue of arrythmias including observation and therapy could be mentioned in case of additional extension of this algorithm. The follow-up can be created with the algorithm of first aid for treatment of fractures.
The algorithm of electric shock injury completes the range of procedures, which have been already processed.

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