Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Bronislav Stibor, MD

Bronislav Stibor, MD

Senior physician, ICU, Landesklinikum Baden bei Wien, Austria

Review of interactive algorithm Rupture of abdominal aorta aneurysm

Educational algorithm aptly describes procedure of diagnostics and therapy decision-making process in this life-threatening disease. It emphasizes need of using complementary tests according to modern trend of acute and intensive medicine – especially imaging techniques and thrombelastography test including their perfect timing. Algorithm is logical and besides the correct procedure suggests the most common mistakes and wrong approach which can cost patient´s life. Given model case is very close to real situation which every anesthetist and intensivists must properly manage. Practicing the correct procedure is the best preparation to real situation. In contrast of educational algorithm, in real life “step back” is not an option.

Review of interactive algorithm Penetrating eye injury

Anesthesia in ophthalmology is not usually the most challenging anesthetic field. Nevertheless, it has its specific features, and failure  to recognize and appreciate them may have fatal consequences for the patient's vision. The tutorial algorithm describes the course of the correct treatment of the patient from the pre-hospital laic care to the management of the late complications of the penetrating eye injury from an anesthesiological point of view. The  proposed decision algorithms are logical, and in addition to the correct procedure, also the most common mistakes are discussed, with an explanation of the consequences of an improper treatment. The model scenarios are very close to the real situations, such as every anesthesia practitioner may encounter when dealing with an ophthalmology patient. Practicing the right course of action is the best preparation for a real situation. Unlike the learning scenario, life can not usually "go a step back".

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