Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Stanislav Kazda, MD

Stanislav Kazda, MD

spine surgeon, Department of Traumatology, University Hospital Brno, Brno, Czech Republic


Review of algorithm Spinal injury

This algorithm closely and complex informs the investigators of the issue of spinal trauma in an interactive way. It describes the entire therapeutic from arrival of EMS crew, ensuring the patient to his transport to a specialized center. It also emphasizes a time factor of transport, which is a highly important for the further prognosis. The algorithm introduces the investigators to the diagnostic procedure and the work of consultants. It briefly describes the induction of anaesthesia and necessary procedures for securing the airway, generally summarizes the postoperative status and possible complications of a patient with spinal cord lesions and the following rehabilitation process. After reading this algorithm, the reader is familiar with basic facts and procedures in patients with spinal cord lesions and is capable of providing of first aid.

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