Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Pavel Mach, MD, PhD

Pavel Mach, MD, PhD

Chief Consultant, Department of Traumatology, University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic

Review of interactive algorithm Crush syndrome

Crush injuries are quite common and serious and implementation of proper treatment is crucial for a good outcome of their healing. This algorithm shows progress of a typical injury from its beginning. Already the first steps will lead the solver to the proper course of treatment and to thinking about possible complications. Each step  provides appropriate decisions on further actions. While solving, the student is led not only to steps "apparent at first glance", but also to assess at the same time the overall condition of the patient and prevention of complications potentially following from an inadequate procedure. Emphasis is placed on the use of all modern medical procedures. After correct resolving the student acquires an insight into the complexity of that type of injury. And this is an invaluable advantage in real contact with such situation.

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