Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Jan Trna, MD, PhD

Jan Trna, MD, PhD

Consultant, Department of Internal Gastroenterology, University hospital Brno, Czech Republic

Review of interactive algorithm Acute pancreatitis

Evaluated training algorithm describes the diagnosis and decision-making procedures during the development of an acute pancreatitis. The chosen model patient and each happening seems very real and in the course of the algorithm so you can get a very good idea of ​​the basic ledges of the treatment of acute pancreatitis. Individual proposed correct options reflect the state of the most modern knowledge, either the intensity and length of the fluid resuscitation, the use of antibiotics or options of invasive methods. Offered incorrect answers are also chosen appropriately - these are often inappropriately indicated diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in clinical practise. The reason for their inaccuracy is then sufficiently explained. Familiarization with this model example has a considerable educational importance for a large group of doctors, who may come into contact with the treatment of acute pancreatitis - including anesthesiologists, intensivists, internists and surgeons.

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