Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Martin Man, MD

Martin Man, MD

Chief Physician of Surgery, TGM Hospital, Hodonín, Czech Republic

Review of interactive algorithm Ileus from a surgical viewpoint

Acute mesenteric artery occlusion is an acute abdomen with the worst prognosis. The sooner we diagnose it and indicate the surgical solution, the more we increase the patient's chance of survival. We must always think of an vascular ileus when the abdominal pain is sudden and clinical findings poor in patients with cardiac arrhythmias (in the case of embolism) or in patients with atherosclerosis (in the case of mesenteric thrombosis). Signs of peritoneal irritation are a late symptom of vascular ileus. Typical symptoms may be overlaid by other symptoms, which may lead us to suspect a different acute condition. In this algorithm, it is well demonstrated how important it is in the case of an acute abdomen to repeatedly check and physically examine the patient and subsequently indicate the correct examinations and treatment.

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