Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Michal Otáhal, MD

Michal Otáhal, MD

Chief physician, Dept. of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague; General University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic

Review of algorithm Difficult Airway Management

This interactive case study represents illustrative case of upper airway obstruction, describing the following life-threatening situation and providing essential management of the patient describing possible solutions: attempt to intubation or intubation with aid - bougie. After the failure to intubate there is attempt to supraglottic airway management with laryngeal mask and the last opportunity, if this fails, infraglotic surgical approach - coniotomy or BACT (bougie assisted coniotomy). Instructional videos demonstrate the possibility of securing an airway. The nature of this interactive step-by-step case study, although very successfully created, does not show the severity of the condition and that the state of airway obstruction is accompanied by a need for very swift process: the failure to intubate -> failure to use laryngeal mask -> coniotomy / BACT .


Review of algorithm Target Controlled Infusion Anaesthesia


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