Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Jan Přeček, MD, PhD

Jan Přeček, MD, PhD

Physician, Department of Internal Medicine I - Cardiology, University Hospital, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Review of interactive algorithm Acute Coronary Syndrome - 2018 

The interactive educational algorithm "Acute Coronary Syndrome" presents the case of a patient with chest pain; from first contact with a GP, through treatment of acute coronary syndrome in the cardiac center to a recommendation for long-term treatment.
Different variants of acute coronary syndrome are presented, as are some of their common complications. The treatment procedures and the most common mistakes are detailed. In the case of chest pain, precise differential diagnosis based on the patient’s risk profile is required. When acute coronary syndrome is suspected, complex pharmacotherapy, rapid implementation of interventional treatment, and consistent monitoring for imminent complications are essential.

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