Reviewers of multimedial algorithms Renata Černá Pařízková, MD, PhD, LLM

Renata Černá Pařízková, MD, PhD, LLM

Consultant, Department of anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care medicine, Faculty Hospital Hradec Králové, Charles Univerzity in Prague, Faculty of medicine in Hradec Králové, Hradec králové, Czech Republic


Review of interactive algorithm Jehova Witnesses in a car accident 

The patient is entitled according to the applicable law for the provision of health services at the appropriate professional level, always with his free and informed consent, except for the exceptions stipulated by the law. In clinical practice, we encounter situations where a patient's proposed treatment is refused by an informed reversal or previously expressed wishes. Basic knowledge of the medical law is an integral part of medicine today. For this reason, it is more than beneficial to create a situation scenario focusing on rejecting life-saving treatment in a typical group of patients, such as Jehovah's Witnesses. The case-by-case algorithm shows the risks, possibilities, and justifications of individual procedures.

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