NEW interactive algorithms AKUTNĚ.CZ 2022 - vol.2

Education platform AKUTNĚ.CZ delivers 3 new algorithms, which were created during the academic year 2021/2022. Teams of 22 clinicians and 27 students took part in the creation process, as a part of an Individual Project at Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine and Medical faculty in Ostrava and took 9 months. The algorithms were reviewed by the expert in the problematic field.  


Dive in the algorithms from the clinical practice!

Snake Envenomation

Vladislav Nezval, MD, Hana Harazim, MD, PhD, Jiří Holek, Barbora Zubíková

Snake envenomation is a marginal topic in developed countries but you can still come across such a cases. On the other hand, in developing countries i this a common injury, which is cause of tens of thousands of deaths per year. It is a question of inadequate infrastructure and limited access to healthcare. A considerable number of patients are exotic snake keepers. This algorithm will take you through two scenarios of snake envenomation and it will help you become familiar with widely spread myths related to treating affected patients.

Ethics of resuscitation

Prof. Petr Štourač, MD, PhD, Jana Djakow, MD, PhD, Viktória Kubranová, Patrik Šamaj

The length of life is not always equal to its quality. When thinking about reviving a severely chronically ill patient, it is appropriate to ask whether life after resuscitation will be sufficiently valuable for him. It is important that the patient can answer this question himself. This is possible thanks to a joint conversation about treatment goals and advance health care planning. This algorithm guides you through the entire process from the diagnosis of a serious chronic patient condition to the moment of his death.

Polytrauma in children

Martina Klincová, MD, Lucie Štětková, MD, Anna Černohorská, Veronika Molnárová

Paediatric polytrauma is a life-threatening condition that can happen in practice to any doctor. In our algorithm we modelled a situation, where we will show step by step how to act in this cases. We will focus on first aid at the scene of an accident, how to proceed with a developed hypovolemic shock and life-threatening bleeding and subsequently we will focus on how damage control surgery in paediatric polytraumas is carried out.

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