Happy 16 th birthday to AKUTNĚ.CZ!

Education platform AKUTNĚ.CZ  celebrates its 16th birthday- during these years we brought you an enormous amount of information regarding acute care medicine and we go on. We present our newest algorithms, which were created during the academic year 2022/2023.  This time it is a revision of the original older algorithms, aimed at resuscitation of children and adults. All have been peer-reviewed and meet the 2021 European Resuscitation Council guidelines. Celebrate your birthday with us and refresh yourself on how to properly resuscitate!  

Basic Life Support u dítěte – 2021

prof. MUDr. Petr Štourač, Ph.D., MBA, MUDr. Tereza Prokopová, Zuzana Hricišinová, Lenka Maková, Michal Malý

First Aid in children already bring to the trespassing acute stress and severe emotional component. Come and try out at home possible realistic scenario to help the child, which is described in the current recommendations of the 2021 European Resuscitation Council.

Malignant arrhytmia in children- 2021

Assoc. prof. Martina Kosinová, MD,PhD, Tereza Bönischová MD, Kateřina Popková MD, Roman Kula MD, Barbora Pitmausová

Malignant arrhythmias are disorders of a cardiac rhythm, which can lead to a cardiac arrest. They are usually developed in children due to hereditary syndromes like catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia or long QT syndrome. Go through this situation according to 2021 ERC guidelines.

Resuscitation of pregnant woman - 2021

Assoc. prof. Martina Kosinová,MD, PhD, Tereza Prokopová MD, Patrícia Bartolenová, Michaela Cipovová


Although cardiac arrest in pregnancy is rare, it can be really unpleasant situation for every doctor. There are a lot of causes, e.g. cardiac failure, bleeding, coagulation disorder or trauma. In this algoritm you can go through basic and advanced life support of mother with emphasis on specifics in resuscitation in pregnancy according to the 2021 ERC quidelines.

Management of tachyarrythmia - 2021

Hana Harazim, MD,  PhD, Tereza Prokopová MD, Tomáš Korbička MD, Petra Honková

Tachyarrytmias are disorders of heart rhytm with heart rate more than 100 bpm. The algorithm is focused on supraventricular tachyarythmia according to ERC guidelines from 2021. The situation progresses from SVT with narrow QRS complex and regular rhytm to deblocking atrial flutter with the transfer to ventricle 1:1. It will help us to clarify recommended therapeutic procedures in this situation.

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