Emergency Medicine Course 2024

On April 13th, 2024, the Emergency Medicine Course returned to the LF MU Simulation Centre after a year. The course is traditionally organized by the AKUTNĚ.CZ portal is designed for 4th to 6th year students of General Medicine at LF MU. This was the third time the course was held in a new setting and one of the most modern simulated teaching facilities.

For the thirteenth time, students from the Brno Medical Faculty's 4th to 6th year had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of managing acute conditions in both pre-hospital and hospital environments at SIMU. The course was traditionally under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Martin Repko, PhD., and was supported by all three Brno clinics - ARK FNUSA, KARIM FN Brno, and KDAR FN Brno, as well as the Medical Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region JMK, the Faculty of Medicine's Simulation Centre LF MU, and the Institute of Simulation Medicine LF MU. After a brief introduction to the programme, the opening floor was taken by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and External Relations of LF MU, Prof. Eva Brichtová, who emphasized the importance of simulations in modern medical education, saying, "The brain likes stories," which was followed by speeches from other representatives of the organizing institutions. After providing organizational information, the participants were divided into groups, where they worked for the rest of the day.

During the morning session, the course focused on skill training. Thanks to the theoretical background covered in the pre-learning stage, the course was able to emphasize the practical application of skills. The topics covered included BLS and ALS, as well as PALS, acute management of arrhythmias, chest drainage (which involved training on a porcine model), airway management (including advanced methods of orotracheal intubation using a videolaryngoscope), training in the surgical method of securing the airway BACT, and entering the vasculature in emergencies, among others. After a lunch break, the course continued with simulations, where participants were presented with more challenging scenarios. This allowed them to realize that success is not only dependent on theoretical and practical skills.


which was a stumbling block in many groups in the first simulations. The simulations covered not only the topics discussed in the morning session, but also other specific situations, and the Youngest members of the organizational team acted as role models. Also very beneficial was the part covered by the South Moravian Region Ambulance Service ZZS JMK, during which the students received valuable practical advice from the operator of the emergency line 155 and had the opportunity to see the ambulance.

The entire course concluded with a competition for the Jiří Korbička Prize. The participating groups competed to solve a critical situation, and all teams performed exceptionally well. However, only one team could emerge as the winner. In the intense competition, the team consisting of: Lucie Marethová, Adrián Benčat, and Andrej Hric emerged as the best. They were awarded by MUDr. Tomáš Korbička, the son of Jiří Korbička and a doctor from KARIM FN Brno. The prize included a 5-liter keg of Vorkloster beer, donated by the partner of the AKUTNĚ.CZ Foundation. The team confirmed that communication was not optimal during the course, but they focused on it in the final simulation, which resulted in their success.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the winners of this incredible event. We'd also like to extend our sincere gratitude to the volunteers who made it all possible, including doctors, paramedics, and students. With their support, we were able to ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved. The fact that 48 students attended only underscores the enduring popularity of this event among future medical professionals. We'd like to thank the more than 40 educators who shared their expertise, as well as the organizers, who helped keep everything running smoothly.

And of course, we couldn't have done it without the generous financial support of the Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine and the AKUTNĚ.CZ Foundation. 

12. 04. 2024 ... see you at Akutne.cz
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