Online report from IX. AKUTNĚ.CZ conference

Can you even imagine the month of November without the traditional AKUTNĚ.CZ conference? No? Well, that probably means you're one of the 1400 people who registered and are planning on spending a chilly November saturday in the company of the most important representatives of Anaesthesiology and Intensive care to work on your profesional and scientific growth.

The year 2017 is going to be special in many ways. AKUTNĚ.CZ is celebrating it's 10 year's anniversary, and you are now reading our online report from IX. conference, for which an unbelievable number of 1400 participants registered. Except for the usual main sections for doctors and nurses, two parallel sections will take place. For the first time, we are proud to present a brand new section devoted to young anaesthesiologists, which will definitely be of an important value to young residents and med students. The training of practical skills will take place in 13 workshops and in the poster section we will exhibit 7 high quality posters in competition for the first place.

As in previous years, you could follow the event in this report, as well as using the video transmission. You can learn here about the main medical section, the parallel section, the section of young anaesthesiologists and the section for nurses.

27. 11. 2017 ...we will meet at AKUTNĚ.CZ 2018
AKUTNĚ.CZ conference
online report