Euroanaesthesia 2018

We have again the opportunity to visit one of the world largest anaesthesiological events - Euroanaesthesia 2018 "Where anaesthesiologists meet!". This years congress took place at Copenhagen with unbelievable 29 Celsius degrees.

Euroanaesthesia 2018 had 5573 participants from more than 80 countries worldwide. Czech republic was represented by less than 50 anaesthesiologists. There were 150 scientific sessions with more than 345 speakers, 16 pre-congress courses and 30 hands-on workshops. There were presented 1435 abstracts as e-posters through the 3-days congress, from which 9 was from Czech republic (6 from Brno :)). We would like to thanks our coleagues for representation of our country in world-renowned event.

Tahe home messages from Euroanaesthesia:

Ballon cuff endotracheal tubes are recommended in all age categories due to the air leak. Ballon cuff endotracheal tubes are safe in perioperative period and also associated with lower incidence of short perioperative complications.

ESA Council voted for new president prof. Zacharowski from Germany.

New Difficult Airway Society in new Airways guidelines recommends Intubation checklist for DAM in ICU.

10N in paediatric anaesthesia: No fear, Normotension, Normocardia, Normovolemia, Normooxemia, Normocarbia, Normonatremia, Normoglycemia, Normothermia, No pain. 

Prophylactic treatments of hypotension in parturient is recommended right after spinal anaesthesia application because the length of hypotension is more important in parturient than its severity.



04. 06. 2018 Martina Kosinová
Euroanaesthesia 2018