21st Colours of Sepsis 2019

Ostrava  hosted fabulous congress Colours of Sepsis, this year from the 28 th January till 1 st February.

The program included postgraduate lectures, practical workshops and lessons, experts encounter, pro-con discussions, lectures on basic intensive medicine as well as panel discussion and poster section.

The amazing uprdrade for this year was reports from all main happenings accross the sections.

Team Akutne.cz salutes intensive care enthusiasts from the Clarion Congress Hotel in Ostrava, where the 21st Colours of Sepsis conference held place. Colours of Sepsis is the conference dedicated to intensive care and it is one of the biggest of its kind in the Czech Republic. This year was full of surprises and innovations – we’ve brought you video highlights in the form of interviews with various experts and specialists. The organisers took good care of everything and even with the great number of participants; the course of the conference and all workshops was smooth. 

Our best reporters were ready to listen, learn and mediate (almost) all the important moments of the event to you online. The panel discussions, meetings with experts, postgraduate lectures, poster sections, workshops – just name it. We arranged online streaming from the main conference room again, so even if you couldn't attend physically, you could be there with us. Akutne.cz organized one of the workshops – How NOT to have a difficult (airway) day. On Friday morning, participants, eager to learn, attended series of lectures and then practiced the newly acquired knowledge on models. They performed fiberoptic intubation, inserted laryngeal masks and cannulas with the help of a videolaryngoscope, inserted intraosseous lines or practiced bougie-assisted cricothyreotomy (BACT).

In the spirit of the saying “work hard, play hard”, every evening there was a social gathering or simply said a party full of funky music, delicious food and great wine, where visitors could let loose and recharge their cognitive batteries before the next day. But all good must come to an end, Colours of Sepsis being no exception to this rule. So, Friday noon, we said goodbye to the Clarion Congress Hotel and to Ostrava, wrote last reports, took last photos, packed everything and started to get excited for the next year.

09. 02. 2019
Colours of Sepsis