Severe allergic reaction

Severe allergic reaction is life-threatening. It may be observed after insect bite, after eating specific food or using some drugs. Most important is early diagnosis and immediate treatment. This algorithm presents possibility of diagnosis and treatment of this severe state.

anaphylactic reaction
Published at: 22.12.2011


Pavel Buček, MD
Emergency Medical Service of South Moravia

The presented teaching algorithm “Severe allergic reaction” brings us to a situation where, as a physician at the LSPP surgery, we have to take care of a patient in acute danger of life caused by the development of anaphylactic reaction. This reaction is rarely encountered in surgeries, with the result that we often do not think about it and mistakenly attribute symptoms to another disease. This may result in a delay in adequate treatment with fatal consequences.
From the very beginning, the importance of medical history and examination is emphasized. In spite of the allergic medical history, which does not correspond to allergens with which the patient was in contact, we must think of anaphylaxis based on respiratory, circulatory and skin manifestations. Subsequent questions and answers will direct us to the right course of action in the treatment of this serious condition, where in practice we can still encounter a number of common mistakes. The algorithm is well developed and will certainly serve not only medical students, but also ambulatory doctors, as an unconventional and interesting way to refresh the knowledge of care for such a patient at risk.


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