Methanol intoxication

Methanol intoxication has become a very actual topic within last year. The great danger of accidental poisoning lies in inability to recognize methanol while drinking it and distinguish it from ethanol and so avoid drinking greater amount of it. This algorithm takes us through the situation from ensuring the patient in prehospital care until professional treatment and therapy in the hospital.

Published at: 26.12.2012


Eva Tauchmanová, MD
Head Physician, Emergency Medical Service of the Liberec Region, Czech Republic

At first I want to thank you for doing such a good job and efforts to increase the level of knowledge in pre-hospital care and emergency departments. This algorithm describes the now-day problem and nearly forgotten method of intravenous alcohol use. Unfortunately, this theme is not only about the homeless people. The algorithm shows how to not underestimate first signs, even when we enter into the story without fatal consequences.


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