Anesthesia for thoracic surgery

Lung carcinoma is the most common tumor in men and the third most frequent in women. Surgical procedure is one of the standard therapeutic methods. Because this type of surgery intereferes with ventilating functions, it is necessary to approach this procedure specifically from the anesthesiological point of view. This algorithm aims mainly at the choice of preoperative exams of patient’s respiratory system and equipment used during intubation - here plays a significant role the Double Lumen Tube . Moreover, the algorithm deals with the choice of ventilation mode as well as with other specific aspects of this type of surgery. Last but not least, it suggests a situation when the ventilation and oxygenation starts to fail despite the targeted interventions of the anesthesiologist.

lung carcinoma
double lumenl tube
Published at: 2.6.2015


Assoc. Prof. Teodor Horváth, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic

The case in point unfolds into five resourceful, well arranged cardinal steps. It calls attention descreetely to the essential pattern of anaesthesiological skill linked to pulmonary resection: dynamic physiology of breathing or rather adequate arteficial ventilation matching mechanical part of its steadiness. The efficiency and security of  the anaesthesy rises up or goes down hand in hand with degree and quality of interdisciplinary cohesivity and empathy The surgical site deals the same problem, completely. The mastery of both specialities can shine fully in their harmony only. Utter knowledge of the profession is matter of course. This successful algorithm leads direct towards it, especially. The sequence is given up as a clear instruction to overcome pittfals of anaesthesy at a regular pulmonary resection.


VYMAZAL, Tomáš a Pavel MICHÁLEK. Anestezie a pooperační péče v hrudní chirurgii. Praha: Mladá fronta, 2016. Aeskulap. ISBN 978-80-204-3755-6.

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