Acid-base balance

Acid base balance is dynamic balance between the formation and elimination of sour and alkaline substances in organism. It is regulated very accurately which is necessary for the right course of a range of metabolic pathways and physiological processes. Disorders of acid base balance are always a complex problem where the whole internal environment of the patient is changing. The ability of timely recognition and of proper solution of those deviations is absolutely radical in clinical practice. Our algorithm is going to show you how to go about it.

blood gases
pulmonary embolism
Published at: 25.6.2014


Daniel Rajdl, MD, PhD
Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology, University Hospital Pilsen, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Interactive algorithm „Acid-base balance“ demonstrates a combined acid-base balance disorder practically and illustratively using an example of patient suffering from pulmonary embolism. There is a diagnostic part which respects a common process from physical and imaging examination till basic laboratory paramethers and calculation. Algorithm incorporates therapeutic comments in an appropriate way. All that without going into useless theoretical details. As a result algorithm is easily understandable but complex learning device, which can make many students experience a feeling „I understand it after all“.


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