Ski slope injury

The Mountain Rescue Service in Czech Republic provides more than 6000 rescue operations every year. About a half of the accidents occures in ski slope skiing. The most common injuries are joint injuries, contusions and fractures. Our algorithm introduces you to the management of the ski slope injury from the layman´s first aid to the professional prehospital and hospital care.

Mountain Rescue Servise
Published at: 8.4.2015


Jana Kubalová, MD
Deputy Director for Emergency Preparedness and Training, Emergency Medical Service, South Moravia Region, Czech Republic

Accident on a ski slope has its own specifics. Usually these are accidents in the mountains, where the availability of health care professionals is difficult and even conditions for treatment and transport are more complex. Interactive learning algorithm "ski slope injury" is an excellent example of a comprehensive solution to the situation from the first aid following definitive treatment in hospital. Team of authors presents a comprehensive decision tree, which represents the most important decision-making crossroads on the way to the right patient treatment and has not forgotten the importance of ensuring the safety of rescuers in treating the injured skier on the slopes. Incorrect answers highlight the most common mistakes and underestimating situations in dealing with this incident. Importance of interactive algorithm consists mainly in the possibility to learn and make decisions on every level - from a secular savior following anesthesiologist evaluation of the patient and the risk of anaesthesia. I'm sure I was in favor of such algorithms with even more severe conditions associated eg. unconsciousness. Sometimes the decision with limited resources in a non-standard situation is more difficult than with a full complement of inquiry.


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