CNS infection

In this algorithm you will learn about infections, which affect our most important belongings. Neuroinfections can be life-threatening conditions and despite all therapy can lead to lasting health problems. So how to recognize them on time? How to treat the patient? And can we prevent these infections? Dealing with our algorithm with fluffy patients you will find answers to all these questions and a lot of other interesting information.

meningeální příznaky
lumbální punkce
Published at: 9.8.2021


Assoc. Prof. Olga Džupová, MD, PhD
Department of Infectious Disease, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

The infections of central nervous system are severe health problems. Purulent meningitis is a life-threatening condition connected with high mortality and frequent lasting consequences. The prognosis depends on many factors, firstly on the quickness of the diagnosis and then on the appropriate therapy. Non-purulent neuroinfections have in general better prognosis, but can have also severe or fatal progress. This interactive algorithm "Neuroinfections" describes clearly a diagnostic process including the lumbar puncture, rational indication of the examinations, symptomatic and causal therapy and also the specific prevention. It is supposed, that this algorithm will lead to better awareness and knowledge of this topic by medical students and doctors not just in emergency medicine.


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