Car accident

Technical first aid is an indispensable part of pre-hospital care. How about you? Do you know, how to proceed in a traffic accident?

accident scene safety
first contact
communication with the emergency services dispatcher
rescue plan
Published at: 21.12.2011


Jaromír Prokop, MD
Head Physician, Emergency Medical Service of Žamberk, Czech Republic

The test is certainly a good tool for creating schemes, based on which you can guide your steps when providing first aid and pre-hospital care during car accidents. Although it cannot give precise instructions how to proceed (in face of the diversity of the causes, local conditions, possible traumas of the injured, etc...), it describes quite reasonably closely the occurred situation and directs the examinant through the basic procedures, including securing the accident site, basic diagnostic and therapeutical tasks including communication with the emergency services dispatcher. The given action is generally correct, although certain single procedures, such as “fixing the wrist with jacket” could be discussed, because it is possible to choose different, also correct therapeutical approach, either with the possibility of using different available tools, or other sufficient actions. These are only minor matters, which do not affect the whole correct structure of giving first aid in given situation. Quite the opposite, the test correctly points out some quite generally experienced inappropriate reactions of some car accidents´ participants, either amateurs or medics.


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